Section 9.01: Purpose

It is the purpose of this section to establish fees for users of the Authority’s regional sewerage system for activities not included in the Authority’s normal operations and maintenance costs.

Section 9.02: Charges and Fees

  1. There is imposed upon the owners of, or the users of water in or on, all properties served by the public sanitary sewage system, sewage collection, transportation and treatment charges for the use of said system, payable in the amounts and as provided in the Sewage Disposal Rate Resolution heretofore adopted by the Authority and as it is hereinafter from time to time amended and modified. Said owners and users will be jointly and severally liable for the payment of said sewage collection, transportation and treatment charges and the penalties therein prescribed for delinquent payments thereof.

The Authority will establish charges and fees:

  1. For reviewing accidental discharge procedures and construction:
  2. For reviewing Discharge Permit applications and issuing Discharge Permits;
  3. For collecting, transporting, and treating sewage;
  4. For other work performed by the Authority necessary to carry out the requirements contained herein;
  1. These fees relate solely to the matters covered by these Sewer Use Rules and Regulations and are separate from all other fees chargeable by the Authority.

Section 9.03: Basis of Charges

  1. At reasonable intervals the Authority will collect from each Participant a pro rata share of the sewage treatment rates, rents and other charges. The pro rata share shall be based upon the number of Equivalent Dwelling Units in said municipality which are being served the Authority , regardless of the method of billing selected by a Participant. The term Equivalent Dwelling Unit shall mean one of the following which shall have separate kitchen facilities and/or bathroom facilities and/or commode and/or lavatory and/or shower and/or laundry facilities and/or such other water using facilities normally discharged into the sanitary sewer system:
  1. One single house
  2. Each house of multiple or row houses
  3. Each apartment in an apartment complex
  4. Each trailer (house or travel)
  5. Each 50,000 gallons or less of water used per year in the case of motels, hotels and/or all other customers having a single water meter.
  1. The Participant shall report the charges due on the form provided by the Authority entitled “Calculation of Treatment Charges Due Western Westmoreland Municipal Authority”.
  2. In addition to this reporting, the ALCOSAN Agreement requires North Huntingdon and Penn Township to provide certain additional information for thise customers which are tributary to the ALCOSAN system.
  3. Where structures or facilities are connected to the sewer system, but are vacant, or in such cases where the sewage does not reach the sewer system, sewer charges to the Authority continue as long as the facilities or structure are connected to the sewer system.
  4. In non-residential facilities where large amounts of wastewater do not reach the sewer system, the charges due the Authority may be reduced by establishing and maintaining, at the facility owner’s expense, a method or device approved by the Authority for measuring the water so used.

Section 9.04: Tapping Fees and Capital Improvement Costs

The Authority may assess tapping fees and periodic capital improvement charges to participants.  These charges will be based on EDU’s and estimated capital improvement costs.