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Article I – Introduction

The following Rules and Regulations shall be and are hereby declared to be the Sewer Use Rules and Regulations of The Western Westmoreland Municipal Authority (WWMA) regarding the use of the regional sewerage system and the nature of wastewaters to be discharged into the treatment works.

Article II – Purpose

The intent and purpose of these Sewer Use Rules and Regulations are as follows: To prohibit the discharge into the treatment works of any wastewaters that are not in compliance with any applicable standards promulgated pursuant to the Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972, the Clean Water Act of 1977, any subsequent amendments [...]

Article III – Definitions

Unless the context specifically and clearly indicates otherwise, the meaning of terms used in these Sewer Use Rules and Regulations shall be as follows: "Act" means the Municipal authorities Act, 53 Pa. C.S. Ch 56 (formerly the Municipality Authorities Act of 1945), of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto. [...]

Article IV – Discharge of Sanitary Sewage to Public Sanitary Sewage System Required

Section 4.0: General Rules and Requirements All persons owning any occupied building now erected within the Authority's service area upon premises accessible to the public sanitary sewage system shall, at their own expense, make connection with the public sanitary sewage system in accordance with the applicable Connection Ordinance in effect in the Authority's service area, [...]

Article V – Exclusion of Extraneous Flows, Combined Sewer Overflows, and Nine Minimum Controls

Section 5.01: Exclusion of Extraneous Flows The discharge of storm water and other extraneous flows, whether from direct connections, conveyances or other sources, that are not designed, constructed or permitted to carry municipal wastewater flows, are strictly prohibited. All persons connecting to the regional and/or local sewerage systems shall provide complete and effective means and [...]

Article VI – Use of Treatment Works

Section 6.01: General Discharge Prohibitions No User shall introduce, cause to be introduced, or permit to be introduced, directly or indirectly, into the POTW any pollutant or wastewater which will interfere with or adversely affect the operation, maintenance or performance of the POTW, or pass through the POTW into the waters of the Commonwealth of [...]

Article X – Authority Surcharges

Section 10.01: Surcharges Although the sewage treatment works will be capable of treating certain industrial wastes and incompatible pollutants as heretofore defined in Article I, the actual treatment of such wastes may increase the cost of operating and maintaining the public sanitary sewage system. Therefore, there will be imposed upon each person discharging such industrial [...]

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