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Article XI – Billing and Collection

Section 11.01: Payment Due Unless and until otherwise modified or amended by the Authority, payments from the , Participants are due to and receivable by the Authority 20 days, after the due date of the bills from the Participants to their customers, regardless of whether such customers pay quarterly or monthly, and regardless of whether [...]

Article XIII – Proposed Extension of System by Participants and Developers

Section 13.01: Proposed Extension of System by Participants 1. Participants must submit an application to make connections and discharge to the Authority's regional sewerage system. 2. No Participant shall uncover, connect with, make opening into or use, in any manner, nor cause or the permit any person to uncover, connect with, make any opening into [...]

Article XV – Amendments

Section 15.01: Amendments The Authority reserves the right to amend these Sewer Use Rules and Regulations or to adopt additional rules and regulations from time to time as it shall deem necessary for the operation, maintenance and protection of the regional sewerage system, for meeting revised standards of influent or effluent quality of any regulatory [...]

Appendix A – Monitoring Protocol

Part 1: Oversight The Municipality shall employ the services of a professional engineer to oversee the completion of all flow monitoring and planning tasks. Part 2: Monitoring Plan Requirements The Flow Monitoring Plan shall be consistent with current EPA guidance and provide data suitable for developing an LTCP/Wet Weather Control Plan. The Flow Monitoring Plan [...]

Appendix B – GIS Protocol

Introduction The physical inspections required in the Administrative Consent Order are intended to provide four categories of information for inclusion on comprehensive sewer maps: General information on the configuration of sewer manholes and their connecting pipes to provide field verification for sewer system mapping General information on the condition of sewer manholes and pipes to [...]

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