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As part of its commitment to planning for future growth and changing regulatory requirements, the Western Westmoreland Municipal Authority (WWMA) has conducted a plant and system-wide comprehensive planning study.  High priority projects fall within the first 10-year planning period and include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Sludge Processing HVAC/Heat Exchanger Replacement - Air circulation has been an ongoing problem in the sludge processing building.  An improved heating and ventilation system is needed for the conditions that are present and for the current equipment being operated.  The heat exchangers in the building will be relocated to a new building to bring the whole facility up to current code.
  • Replacement of the Four Motor Control Centers (MCC's) - The existing MCC's have been in operation since the plant was constructed and must be replaced, due to corrosion and age.
  • Phase II Odor Control for the Sludge Processing Building and Sludge Thickener - This project is a continuation of the odor control program at the plant.  The first phase in the five-year plan addresses the odor control of the primary clarifiers, grit collection area, and wet well.  Similar carbon absorption units would be installed for the sludge processing area and sludge thickener as part of this project.
  • New Sludge Processing Equipment/Modifications - The existing belt filter presses are aging, and maintenance is increasing.  Improved press designs are available that can more efficiently dewater the sludge.  Modifications are also recommended that would relocate the press controls away from the moist atmosphere in the room.
  • Phase II Aeration Tank Modifications - This project is a continuation of the aeration tank modification project completed in 1998.  The remaining three aeration tanks will be retrofitted with a fine bubble diffuser system and controls, similar to the other three tanks.  New blower controls will also be provided.


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