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Agenda for October 20, 2022 Regular Meeting (Continued to November 14, 2022, at 5:00 P.M.)

Agenda for November 14, 2022 Regular Meeting

Capacity Tapping Fee:  

     Pursuant to Resolution No. 2005-6, adopted on October 20, 2005, a capacity tapping fee must be paid to the Western Westmoreland Municipal
       Authority (WWMA) for new construction, for change of use or expanded use of existing structures, and for new connections to existing structures
        within the WWMA Service Area, in addition to any sewer tapping fee(s) that must be paid to the respective municipality. WWMA's capacity
        tapping fee for residential construction is currently $1,500.00 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU).  Please contact the General Manager regarding
        capacity tapping fees for commercial construction.    

     WWMA is currently under a Consent Order and Agreement with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.
        Each year, WWMA's Member Municipalities are awarded a specific number of taps. Prior to applying for your Capacity Permit,
        you must contact your sewer authority or municipality to request allocation of the required number of taps for your connection.
        Select the Links button on the left of this screen to view contact information for your sewer authority or municipality.

     Sign the completed capacity tapping fee application form, and bring the form, along with your payment and
        a copy of your plot plan or property survey to the Authority office for processing.

     Capacity Permits are issued Monday through Friday, 8:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M.

        Please note that the Western Westmoreland Municipal Authority does not accept cash or credit card payments.
        Payment must be made in the form of a check or money order, made payable to WWMA.

    Click here to download a capacity tapping fee application form.  

PaDEP Planning Module Submissions:  

     To assist in the timely review, completion and approval by WWMA of a Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PaDEP)
        Sewage Facilities Planning Module Component 3 (PMC) for land development, procedures have been developed to assist the developer in the
        completion of the planning module, including certain WWMA general requirements and fee submission, PMC submission requirements, and to
        provide certain information as the same pertains to that portion of the PMC in regards to WWMA's interceptor and treatment plant system.

    Click here to download the procedures for submission of a PaDEP Planning Module for Land Development.  

    Click here to download a map of Western Western Municipal Authority's interceptor sewer system.  

Open Records Policy (Right-to-Know):  

        Requests shall be in writing and directed to the Right-to-Know Officer of the Authority, at 12441 Route 993, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania 15642.
        Written requests shall be submitted, using a form provided by the Authority (see link, below), and shall include the date of the request,
        the name and address of the requester, and a clear description of the requested records.

      Resolution No. 2002-1, Establishing WWMA's Open Records Policy, including fees.  

      Resolution No. 2008-06, Revising WWMA's Open Records Policy.  

      Resolution No. 2016-17, Amending Resolution No. 2008-06, Amending Fees for Right-to-Know Requests.  

      Right-to-Know Request Form.  

WWMA Fact Sheet.    

Audited Financial Statements for the Year Ended December 31, 2021.    

2021 Sewer System Annual Report and 2022 Budget    

Sewer Use Rules and Regulations.  

  The Western Westmoreland Municipal Authority (WWMA) service area includes the boroughs of Irwin, Manor, and North Irwin, and
      portions of the townships of North Huntingdon, Penn, and Hempfield, in the western portion of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania.
      The total service area encompasses approximately 12,500 acres.

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Interceptor Sewer map  

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