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As part of its commitment to planning for future growth and changing regulatory requirements, the Western Westmoreland Municipal Authority (WWMA) has conducted a plant and system-wide comprehensive planning study.  High priority projects fall within the first 5-year planning period and include, but may not be limited to the following:

  • Replacement of the Effluent Water System - The existing system has been in operation since the initial construction of the plant and has recently experienced breaks in the line due to the corrosion of the construction material (Yoloy pipe).
  • Disinfection System Improvements - The plant currently uses chlorine gas for disinfection of the final effluent.  The EPA is in the process of enforcing more stringent regulations on chlorine use because of its potentially harmful effects on aquatic life.  It is recommended that the Authority consider a ultraviolet (UV) system for effluent disinfection because if its proven efficiency and long-term cost effectiveness.
  • Plant SCADA System - SCADA systems are used at treatment plants to monitor processes and equipment, alert employees of alarm conditions, record and store data, and provide remote control of selected operations.  The current monitoring system is outdated, limited in its capabilities, and spare parts are not readily available.  With the installation of new, more sophisticated equipment and software, it becomes necessary by default to update the plant-wide monitoring system as well.
  • Phase I GIS - Manor and Irwin Boroughs are the only combined sewer communities in the WWMA system.  In an effort to be proactive with regards to the ongoing combined sewer overflow (CSO) issue, WWMA is planning to evaluate the Manor and Irwin sewer systems and develop a base map and database on manhole and sewer system information.
  • New CSO Meter Installation - The existing CSO meters currently that have been in operation at the three regulator chambers in the WWMA's service area have been replaced with a different type of meter so that better and more consistent data for overflow events may be obtained.
  • Final Clarifier Modeling and Modifications - The existing final clarifiers present constant maintenance problems to plant workers due in part to circular mechanisms fit within square structures.  The clarifiers have mechanical corner sweeps to move sludge out of the corners, but these sweeps are a constant maintenance problem, and spare parts are no longer made.  As a result, sludge will accumulate in the corners and decrease the clarifier efficiency and reduce effluent water quality.  Modeling the clarifiers will help in determining the best course of action to remedy the problem.
  • NPDES Permit Renewal - The WWMA's current NPDES Permit expires in July of 2003; therefore, a new permit package  must be assembled for submission to the PaDEP to receive an updated permit.  The new permit application must be submitted to the PaDEP in December 2002.
  • Sewer Use Rules Update - The WWMA's sewer use rules have not been updated since the original construction of the plant.  In addition, with the proposed construction of an Authority-maintained sewer system in Adamsburg Borough and a possible acquisition of the Manor and Irwin sewer systems, an update of these rules would be in the WWMA's best interest.


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