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CONTACT INFORMATION                                            

  12441 Route 993
  North Huntingdon, PA 15642
  Telephone: (724) 864-0452
  Fax: (724) 864-6486

  Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 P.M., in the Authority conference room.

  The annual reorganization meeting, held on the third Thursday of February, starts at 7:00 P.M.

  The November meeting is held on the Monday before the third Thursday.

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 4.4 MGD Brush Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, with a wet weather design flow of 7.25 MGD (15 MGD Peak)

  Pump Station (Currently Under Construction)

  7.0 Million Gallon Equalization Tank (Currently Under Construction)

  One Remote Pump Station (Ardara System)

  10.2-Miles Interceptor Sewer

  One permitted combined sewer overflow (CSO) regulator

  Three permitted sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) regulators


                                             EDUs     Percent

North Huntingdon Township:

    Brush Creek System          6,477       40%

    Ardara System                      281         2%

Penn Township:                     4,812       30%

Hempfield Township:               352         2%

Irwin Borough:                      2,611       16%

North Irwin Borough:               397         2%

Manor Borough:                    1,351         8%

  Total                                     16,053     100%


February 29, 1972


  General Manager:                              Kevin P. Fisher

  Assistant Manager:                            Stanley A. Gorski, Jr.

  Assistant Secretary-Treasurer:          Johanna Wtorkowski

  Number of Board Representatives:  

  North Huntingdon Township:     3

  Penn Township:                          2

  Hempfield Township:                 1

  Irwin Borough:                           2

  North Irwin Borough:                 1

  Manor Borough:                         1

  Total:                                          10

Board members are appointed by their respective communities to serve a five year term.

These are voluntary positions; no salary is collected by any board member.

Union Employees:  Eight employees work Monday through Friday.

Plant inspections are conducted by employees on Saturday and Sunday.


Solicitor:    Campfield & Ferraro

Engineer:   Wade Trim, Inc.

Auditor:     Opst & Associates, LLC

Trustee:      U.S. Bank


NPDES Discharge Permit-Issued 12/01/2011, Including Long-Term Control Plan for Elimination of Manor CSO

PaDEP Consent Order & Agreement/Corrective Action Plan/Tap Allocation Plan-Brush Creek System


  PENNVEST Low Interest Loan: $16,231,029; for 2016 COA-Phase I Project associated with equalization tank and interceptor system.

  PENNVEST Low Interest Loan: $14,177,020; for 2017 COA-Phase II Project associated with interceptor system.

  2015 Sewer Revenue Bonds, Series A: $8,215,000

  Refinancing of the 2010 Series A and B Sewer Revenue Bonds, to restructure debt repayment schedule for COA Project, resulting in a present value savings in the amount of $511,194

  2015 Sewer Revenue Bonds, Series B: $9,570,000

  Supplemental Funding for the COA-Phase I Project

  2016 Sewer Revenue Bonds: $7,585,000

  Supplemental Funding for the COA-Phase I Project


  The Authority is funded through collection of sewer service charges, currently at $30.35 per month, per Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) for the regular system.

  One EDU is equivalent to a usage rate of 50,000 gallons of water per year.

  On October 30, 2007, the Authority established a separate rate district for the Cavittsville-Ardara System.  The current rate for this district is $38.40 per month, per EDU.

Regular System Rates:

Cost/EDU/Month                 Effective Date

  • $  6.00/EDU                  02/29/1972
  • $  8.00/EDU                  04/01/1981
  • $10.00/EDU                  08/01/1997
  • $14.00/EDU                  01/01/2002
  • $16.65/EDU                  01/01/2006
  • $20.35/EDU                  04/01/2010
  • $25.35/EDU                  01/01/2013
  • $27.85/EDU                  01/01/2016
  • $30.35/EDU                  10/01/2016

Cavittsville-Ardara Area Rate System Rates Tributary to the ALCOSAN System:

Cost/EDU/Month                 Effective Date

  • $29.95/EDU                  01/01/2008
  • $30.61/EDU                  01/01/2010
  • $32.94/EDU                  01/01/2013
  • $34.80/EDU                  01/01/2014
  • $36.99/EDU                  01/01/2015
  • $38.40/EDU                  01/01/2017

Capacity Tapping Fees:  The Authority established a capacity tapping fee on October 20, 2005.  The current capacity tapping fee is $1,500.00 per equivalent dwelling unit (EDU).



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