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CONTACT INFORMATION                                            

  12441 Route 993
  North Huntingdon, PA 15642
  Telephone: (724) 864-0452
  Fax: (724) 864-6486

  Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 P.M., in the Authority conference room.

  The November meeting is held on the Monday before the third Thursday.

   Click here for meeting dates.


 4.4 MGD Brush Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, with a wet weather design flow of 7.25 MGD (15 MGD Peak)

  Pump Station, Headworks, and Screening Facility (Brush Creek System), 45 MGD Capacity

  7.0 Million Gallon Equalization Tank

  One Remote Pump Station (Ardara System): Flow goes to ALCOSAN.

  Two permitted sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) regulators

  Interceptor Sewer:

  Flows to Brush Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant, serving 16,348 equivalent dwelling units (EDUs):

           Brush Creek Interceptor:                               3.80 miles

           Bushy Run Interceptor:                                 1.66 miles

           Paintertown Interceptor:                               1.88 miles

           Manor Interceptor:                                          .45 miles    

           Total                                                              7.79 miles

  Flows to ALCOSAN, serving 282 EDUs:

           Cavettsville-Ardara Interceptor:                     2.41 miles    

  Total - Brush Creek and                                 

           Cavettsville-Ardara Systems                          10.2 miles


                                                           EDUs    Percent

North Huntingdon Township:

    Brush Creek System             6,404       39%

    Ardara System                         282         2%

Penn Township:                               5,312       32%

Irwin Borough:                                2,480       15%

Manor Borough:                              1,416         8%

North Irwin Borough:                        397          2%

Hempfield Township:                        339          2%

  Total                                               16,630       100%


February 29, 1972


  General Manager:                              Kevin P. Fisher

  Assistant Manager:                            Stanley A. Gorski, Jr.

  Finance Director and

    Assistant Secretary-Treasurer:          Johanna Wtorkowski

  Administrative Assistant:                  Karen R. Steiner

  Number of Board Representatives:  

  North Huntingdon Township:     3

  Penn Township:                          2

  Irwin Borough:                           2

  Manor Borough:                         1

  North Irwin Borough:                 1

  Hempfield Township:                 1

  Total:                                          10

Board members are appointed by their respective communities to serve a five year term.

   These are voluntary positions; no salary is collected by any board member.

Union Employees:  Eight employees work Monday through Friday.

   Plant inspections are conducted by employees on Saturday and Sunday.


    Johanna Wtorkowski


Solicitor:    Campfield & Ferraro

Engineer:   Wade Trim, Inc.

Auditor:     Opst & Associates, LLC

Trustee:      U.S. Bank


NPDES Discharge Permit-Issued 06/01/2017

Cavettsville-Ardara System (Tributary to ALCOSAN)

PaDEP Consent Order & Agreement/Corrective Action Plan/Tap Allocation Plan-Brush Creek System, amended on April 24, 2014 and May 3, 2018


  PENNVEST Low Interest Loan: $16,231,029

  Supplemental funding for 2016 COA-Phase I Project, associated with equalization tank and interceptor system upgrades

  PENNVEST Low Interest Loan: $14,177,020

  Financing of 100% of Construction Costs for 2017 COA-Phase II Project, interceptor system upgrades

  2015 Sewer Revenue Bonds, Series A: $8,215,000

  Refinancing of the 2010 Series A and B Sewer Revenue Bonds, to restructure debt repayment schedule for COA Project, resulting in a present value savings in the amount of $511,194

  2015 Sewer Revenue Bonds, Series B: $9,570,000

  Supplemental Funding for the COA-Phase I Project

  2016 Sewer Revenue Bonds: $7,585,000

  Supplemental Funding for the COA-Phase I Project


  The Authority is funded through collection of sewer service charges, currently at $30.35 per month, per EDU for the regular system.

  One EDU is equivalent to a usage rate of 50,000 gallons of water per year.

  On October 30, 2007, the Authority established a separate rate district for the Cavittsville-Ardara System.  The current rate for this district is $38.40 per month, per EDU.

Regular System Rates:

Cost/EDU/Month                 Effective Date

  • $  6.00/EDU                  02/29/1972
  • $  8.00/EDU                  04/01/1981
  • $10.00/EDU                  08/01/1997
  • $14.00/EDU                  01/01/2002
  • $16.65/EDU                  01/01/2006
  • $20.35/EDU                  04/01/2010
  • $25.35/EDU                  01/01/2013
  • $27.85/EDU                  01/01/2016
  • $30.35/EDU                  10/01/2016

Cavittsville-Ardara Area Rate System Rates Tributary to the ALCOSAN System:

Cost/EDU/Month                 Effective Date

  • $29.95/EDU                  01/01/2008
  • $30.61/EDU                  01/01/2010
  • $32.94/EDU                  01/01/2013
  • $34.80/EDU                  01/01/2014
  • $36.99/EDU                  01/01/2015
  • $38.40/EDU                  01/01/2017

  Capacity Tapping Fees:  The Authority established a capacity tapping fee on October 20, 2005.  The current capacity tapping fee is $1,500.00 per EDU.

                   One residential dwelling unit is equal to one EDU.

                   Commercial EDUs are based on water consumption, with 50,000 annual gallons of water consumption being equal to one EDU.


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