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Anaerobic Digesters

"ANAEROBIC" means...in the absence of oxygen.

  The plant has two anaerobic digesters. Settled sludge from the sludge thickener is pumped up to the primary digester. The digesters work to create an environment that allows anaerobic bacteria to break down the sludge by converting organic acids to methane. One of the most important parameters in achieving a suitable environment is the temperature in the digesters, which optimally should be heated to about 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is controlled by pumping the digested sludge through a heat exchanger and recirculation system, which heats the sludge to the desired temperature. As the bacteria convert the organics to methane gas, the gas is collected and used to power the heat exchanger or is burned. Once the sludge has been properly digested, it is removed from the digesters and conveyed to the belt filter presses for dewatering (moisture reduction).


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