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The Western Westmoreland Municipal Authority (WWMA) owns and maintains one combined sewer overflow regulator.  It is identified as follows:

Description Regulator No. NPDES Discharge Serial No.
Manor Borough - Manor Legion Regulator 1 005

The flow regulator is designed to retain the amount of sewage flow for conveyance and treatment to the wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) in an amount equal to 3.5 times the average daily dry weather flow.  For example, if the average daily dry weather flow is 1,000,000 gallons per day (GPD), then at least 3,500,000 GPD of flow must be conveyed to the WWTP for treatment.  Any amount of flow exceeding the 3,500,000 GPD is then bypassed from the sewage system at one of the interceptors.

The flow regulator was constructed under Contract 6 of the original project.  On October 19, 1977, the WWMA Board of Directors, at the recommendation of their consulting engineer, approved a construction change order (No. 8) to construct three sewage regulator structures, complete with all equipment, pipe, connections, outfall sewer, and headwall. Two regulators were located in Manor Borough, and one was located in Irwin Borough. Manor Borough eliminated one sewage regulator structure in November 2014. Irwin Borough eliminated its sewage regulator structure with the completion of a stormwater separation project.


The flow regulator operates in the same manner.  The regulator chambers is divided into three separate compartments.  The wastewater flow enters the chamber and normally flows through, and into, the WWMA interceptor sewer through an 8" line.

During high flow periods, the wastewater flow continues to rise in the influent chamber and flows over a weir into the overflow chamber.

Adjacent to the overflow chamber is the float chamber, which contains the float mechanism for the gate on the 8" discharge line to the WWMA interceptor sewer.  Wastewater enters the float chamber through an orifice in the wall.  As the water level continues to rise in the chamber, the float rises thereby closing the gate on the 8" line.

The wastewater flow that is not conveyed to the WWTP is discharged into Brush Creek through an outfall structure.  Each outfall structure has a valve on the discharge to prevent the creek from entering the system during high flows and to prevent animals from entering the system through the outfalls.

Flow Regulator Diagrams

The following images show the details of a typical flow regulator.



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